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How to Select the Right E Liquid With the increased awareness of the dangers of tobacco smoking, more and more people are switching to e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking. E-cigars contain none of the harmful substances found in normal cigarettes and thus, providing smokers with a healthier option. If you have just discovered vaping; you might easily be overwhelmed by the extensive selection of e-juice available. In the search for e-cig accessories and other products, you will get bombarded with adverts from different competing brands. This is often confusing and can make you make a wrong purchase. Here are valuable tips to help you choose the best e-liquid to fill your device. Even though propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, added flavors, and nicotine are the main ingredients for all e-liquids, they are not created equal.
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E-liquid contain different propylene glycol/ vegetable glycerin ratios, with the most common ones being 60/40, 50/50, 80/20, and 100 percent VG or 100 percent vegetable glycerin. As such, the best e-liquid must have an excellent combination of taste, throat kick, flavor, and flavor thickness. Higher-PG- e-cig liquid is suitable for those who prefer a stronger throat hit and more flavor. VG can provide a more pleasant experience for anyone who prefers more vapor and less throat hit. Experimenting is the only way you can know the right PG/VG ratio for you. Start with a decent mix of both and make small adjustments with each set until you determine a perfect combination.
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E-liquids come in an extensive variety of flavors to satisfy different tastes and preferences. From drink flavors such as strawberry, mint, chocolate, and cola. There is no standard criteria for determining the best flavor to start with, and thus, you can start with whichever you fancy. It may be wise to choose smaller bottles when trying flavors just in case you don’t like some of them. To determine the amount of nicotine you need, you should evaluate the cigarettes you smoked before switching to vaping.Heavy smokers often require 24mg or higher to satisfy their needs.For light smokers, 3mg or 6mg may be ideal. One beautiful thing about e-cigs is that you can lower your nicotine consumption over time. There are also a variety of nicotine-free e-liquids. Proper and regularly cleaning your e-cig is imperative to reduce the risk of contaminating your next e-liquid. High-quality e-liquid from reputable companies are highly recommended. Such companies only use laboratory-grade nicotine and USP-grade PG/VG. If manufactured using high-quality ingredients, made to the highest standards, and handled correctly as per the manufacturer’s instruction, there is no reason to believe that e-liquids are not completely safe.